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FM Adawiya

FM Adawiya is a broadcasting station for people who are denied a voice in the mainstream media. Our all volunteer group operates a micro-powered FM transmitter, similar to hudreds of radio stations that have sprung up across the world in response to the ever-tightening control of public information by elite media corporations. FM Adawiya does not promote useless products, vapid lifestyles, or the soundbite, assembly line ideology that passes for news in this world. We use the public airwaves for news, music, performance, and for communicating with each other about our real daily lives and communities.

Live Stream

Click the play button blow to listen live or download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple IOs store today, and thank you for making FM Adawiya Radio your home.

Our Shedule

There are always interesting radio shows to listen to on FM Adawiya. Our freeform Radio Station is proud to serve the world with some of the most inspiring and engaging radio content out there. Tune in for some curated and high quality shows with us. Check out our schedule and never miss your favorite show again!

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FM Adawiya

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Download and install Winamp and Shoutcast from links below
Download and install Winamp and Shoutcast from links below
output 1
  Login Subtab:

    Server address:
    Port: 6818
    Stream ID: 1
    DJ/Unser ID: Your ID
    Password: Your Password
    check both check boxes

  Directory Tab:

    check make this stream public box
    NAME: Sanity Check Radio

  INPUT TAB (at top)     Input Device: Soundcard Input (this will allow you to broadcast anything your computer hears, Including skyp, Google Voice or other VOIP calls)

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